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If you’ve been searching for Darknet or dark web market, then you might have found World Market which is actually a brand new Darknet marketplace that rapidly gets more exposure. While it’s not comparable to established markets, World Market has successfully grabbed our attention. That’s why we’re going to review the World Market darknet market today. Whenever possible, we’re going to the details and highlight what can possibly make the World Market a distinctive darknet market.

So why does the World Market deserve the reviews? It’s because World Market seems to be the best suitable replacement for the disappearing Icarus Market, Grey Market, Empire Market, Dream Market or Alphabay due to many similarities. On the other hand, many of you still need more references for the darknet marketplace that sells those “rare” products, right?

With the shifts throughout the Darknet markets and attention towards them, it’s very important for you to keep up with reviews on those markets. Even established darknet markets can be gone or change drastically. Keeping up with the newest updates on Darknet markets gives you a better overview of the industry and how you can find the best suitable one for your needs.

On the other hand, what you need is reliable reviews that help you to understand darknet-related topics better. We’re not in the position to encourage you to use any of those dark web markets. These World Market reviews are fully for educational and informational purposes. We’re not responsible for any illegal activities, financial losses, or security breaches related to the misuse of any dark web market. In fact, we discourage you from using any darknet market to buy illegal products.

As this article is written, we can’t confirm or verify whether or not the marketplace is legit. It’s a darknet marketplace after all. If you want to proceed with the connection or any transaction, you do it at your own risk.

World Market Highlights

We’ve highlighted some World Market’s features, typically those related to common Darknet uses and the special ones. World Market was launched during a global pandemic on 9th November 2020. The dark web marketplace currently only accepts Bitcoin and it adopts a paid vendor system with a fee of $150. World Market already supports the auto shop feature but unfortunately not with a multi-signature system enabled yet.

World Market Links

The main URL of World Market is worldehc62cgugrgj7oc76tcna45fme47oqjrei4d4aa7xorw7fyvcyd.onion that you can access for registration with a secure connection with the tor website. However, you want to visit the World Market forum, you can use this URL instead http://worldrmuxgp5qbmxbr27sgmau6wma75l2vx7brsiftyibaaejfqot4qd.onion

Despite the main link, you can access World Market through multiple alternative mirrors. As this article is written, these are links you can use:

  • worldsclr73visowwlsasfay2gtvajxhdkjyjidxc4pl5zuulb355jid.onion
  • worlds6yinoqmtyey74hf3vxqs2kg6owunqnwwrgzv2t7i526tpa5hqd.onion
  • worldlrsyulhibt2awbqk7g3ssbuc6ui37ugselfpnhnycb6eugjhkad.onion
  • worldiyh4brz5o3nvhzpj527o7tszivvuo4jvizwegt73lahxsmyppad.onion
  • worldehc62cgugrgj7oc76tcna45fme47oqjrei4d4aa7xorw7fyvcyd.onion

With multiple alternative links, users can have more flexibility to access World Market. However, it’s still highly recommended to use the main URL. On the other hand, you must apply necessary security measures when establishing connections to the darknet marketplace and eventually conduct transactions there.

How To Securely Access World Market

Regardless of how good World Market is, it’s still a darknet marketplace where you need to cautiously access it. The main idea is to establish a secure and untraceable connection through those URLs. You’d need a TOR browser and a reliable VPN to achieve that. You can follow this guide to properly connect to the World Market marketplace.

  1. In your TOR browser, set the security configuration to the safest
  2. Download reliable VPN services
  3. Connect your VPN with Onion over TOR servers
  4. Ensure no other programs or applications are running during the connection to the darknet market
  5. Apply other layered protections whenever possible before accessing World Market

Security must be your main concern when you’re connecting your PC or device to the dark web. It’s an environment where you can’t predict the actual safety. Even established darknet markets still have security issues. You should proceed with it at your own risk and responsibility.

The anonymity of World Market

World Market actually has no difference from other darknet markets when it comes to anonymity. The platform is fully run on the dark web and there’s no way you can access the market with a regular web network. Therefore, World Market is unable to log or trace your actual IP address which makes complete anonymity possible for this case.

Even though your IP is untraceable on the dark web, you better have a VPN running when connecting to any Darknet market and World Market is no exception. The use of a VPN is pivotal to ensure your real IP address is protected or hidden from any party.

World Market also adopts the automated activity log clearance system in their platform. It means that all of your deposit, withdrawal and transaction histories in the World Market would be permanently cleared after seven days. This way, no one can trace back your funding, buying, or selling activities in the World Market. At this point, you have an extra layer of protection that keeps you anonymous during the market sales.

Basically, World Market is similar to other darknet marketplaces when it comes to anonymity. You can expect anonymous activities as well as registration. World Market ensures new user’s anonymity when they sign up for an account.

Available Products

World Market surprisingly has more than 600 products and more than 3500 listings as the article is written. It’s actually quite impressive considering the fact that World Market is very new in the industry. However, on the other hand, it’s understandable because vendors are moving to new darknet markets following issues in some established markets. Besides, there’s a massive growing demand in the Darknet market so vendors are simply expanding their reach through new Darknet markets like World Market.

When we’re talking about 3500 listings, they’re confirmed to be legit, not the fake ones. It means that any product that you find in the World Market is actually available and ready for order and shipping. As you might have known, there were times where darknet markets were occupied by scammers that made fake listings on the platform. Products would likely be verified first before being listed on the World Market.

Considering it as the new dark web market, World Market actually has an outstanding number of listings. It means that World Market has received migration of established vendors from other markets and received new ones within a short time. It’s also because of World Market’s vending system that encourages only real vendors to join and sell their products on the Darknet market.

As you might have expected and just like other darknet markets, the Drugs category dominates total listings in the World Market. You’d find more than 2000 listings under the Drugs category and you can get pretty much everything you need through the listings. However, unlike other darknet markets, World Market has a more specific sub-categorization. You can simply browse different drugs through the sub-categories. The sub-classifications help you find related products in the sub-categories so you can have relevant options when browsing products. Of course, you can use the search engine but this system helps you crawl products if you have multiple options to consider.

In second place, the Fraud category is dominating the total listings with almost 600 listings. In this category, vendors are selling login, dumps, bank logins, credit card credentials, etc. If you’re looking for fraud-related products, you’d have extensive options in the World Market under this “Frauds” category.

Third, you can find hundreds of products on Digital goods. If you’re looking for digital guides, software, spyware, exploits, hacking tools, or other related goods, you can navigate to this Digital section in the World Market. While it’s not so populated with options but you rest assured with the stock availability in the listings for sure.

The least populated product category is Counterfeit. If you want to buy fake jewellery or money, you may have limited options in the World Market. It’s likely because this section has the lowest demand but with higher risks. However, World Market is a rapidly growing darknet marketplace so you may expect developments on their product categories in the future.

Despite products, World Market enables you to order services just like in other Darknet marketplaces. These include carding, faking, documents, hacking, cracking, and so forth. However, World Market’s service options are still limited but you can give it a shot.

What’s not Available

World Market shares similar “values’ ‘ with new emerging dark web markets that prohibit vendors and buyers to trade illegal porn which refers to underage porn, killing services, and terror-promoting products or services. There are, of course, dark web markets that allow such trades but World Market is likely to follow a new approach to prohibit them just like other new dark web markets. If you’re looking for such trades, you certainly won’t find them at the World Market.

Speaking about products unavailable in the World Market, that’s not a weakness or disadvantage of using this market. As we’ve reviewed many new darknet markets, World Market has made a respective decision to prohibit such products and services in their platform. Even though you’re still finding illegal drugs and other products, World Market’s decision not to facilitate trades that are morally and socially degrading should be appreciated. Some other Darknet markets have also adopted this approach as well.

Vending System and Policy

World Market isn’t a centralized dark web market where admin vends all listings as they’re surely open for independent vendors. World Market adopts a paid vending system where you’d have to pay for a non-refundable $150 vendor fee as the main requirement. The vending fee is one-time for all vendors and is paid when they register for vendors to sell products in the marketplace.

From the buyer’s perspective, this vending system is preferable because of two main reasons. First, with independent vendors, buyers would have more product options at competitive prices. Second, the vending fee requirement helps reduce the presence of scammers that usually target buyers in the Darknet market. If you want to be an independent vendor in World Market, you’d have to pay for the vending fee before selling products on the platform.

However, World Market also offers free vendor accounts for eligible vendors typically who have established reputations as credible sellers on other dark web markets. If they’re eligible, then they don’t have to pay the vending fee. That’s the only requirement to become a vendor in the World Market.

Once you’ve become a vendor in the World Market, you can sell products but not be able to buy ones in the market. As a World Market vendor, you must not sell products and services that are restricted by the platform. You can read our complete guide about becoming a World Market vendor in another article.

Supported Cryptocurrency Payments

The World Market only accepts Bitcoin as payment for all trades taking place in the market. They don’t support other cryptocurrencies yet. Before you can start purchasing items, you’d need to deposit Bitcoin to the market wallet and then spend them for products, services, or vending fees. World Market has a straightforward deposit system, just like transferring your Bitcoin from your wallet/cold storage to other wallets.

It’s interesting that World Market charges free for fund deposits but you have to pay a 2.5% withdrawal fee. As this article is written, it’s very easy to withdraw your funds from the World Market as long as you don’t object to the withdrawal fees. It’s actually a plus for World Market because liquidity is one of the pivotal factors to check before joining a dark web market.

Searching Experience

Despite browsing products based on the categories, you can also search for products in the World Market with their built-in search engine. World Market has a quite functional search engine that enables you to search for products in the marketplace more effectively. Overall, they appear as a normal search engine so you can use the interface practically.

In the “Search Options”, there’s the search term bar where you can enter the name or keywords related to the products you want to search for. Next to the search term, you can determine the “Product Type” where you can choose physical, digital, and all. This filter is pretty straightforward to ensure you find the actual product you really want. Sometimes digital and physical products may share the same name or brand so this filter would catch you what you really intend to.

Next on the right, you’d find the price range filter which turns out very helpful to find products within your budget. You can set the price range that includes minimum price and maximum price. This way, World Market would only list down products within the price range and you can avoid crawling through thousands of products that might appear without a filter.

In the second line of “Search options” you’d find the “Origin Country” where you can determine where you prefer the product would be shipped or derived from. Generally speaking, the closer the origin country is, the cheaper the shipping cost. However, some people may prefer products from some origin countries due to better quality or supply. Depending on your preference, you can determine the origin country on this bar.

Next to the “Origin Country”, you want to find the filter “Ships to” which refers to where you want to actually ship the product from the origin country. You can fill this bar with your country’s name or the country of the recipient. You better fill this shipment filter because vendors may not ship their products to all countries as they might have some exceptions. If you determine this filter, World Market would only list products that support delivery to your country.

Below the price range filter, there’s “Payment Type ‘ where you can choose and determine your escrow options. World Market actually supports full escrow and Finalize-Early trades so you can choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Generally speaking, you better only use Finalize-Early when buying from reputable vendors only.

As previously mentioned, World Market has functional filters on its search engine. By determining these filters, you can find relevant listings instead of crawling through hundreds or thousands of products.

World Market’s Security

When it comes to security measures and features, World Market covers the most basic requirements. It’s quite unfortunate that World Market still doesn’t support multi-signature, login phrases, and TOTPs yet. However, you can find it considerably secure to connect with the World Market.

2-Factor Authentication

World Market secures your account with 2-factor authentication just like other darknet markets. You’re allowed to encrypt your accounts using PGP to secure the login. At this point, each login would require decryption of the encrypted message. Well, it’s a quite basic login procedure that you can even use in the regular marketplace.

Withdrawal Code

World Market would require you to set a 6-digit withdrawal code when you’re registering an account. You’d need to enter this very code in the withdrawal process in the World Market. The withdrawal code is changeable once you’ve entered your account but you must not lose it or you’d be unable to withdraw funds from the World Market wallet.


For transaction security, World Market offers Escrow services available on most trades. The exceptions include the auto shops and Finalized-Early vendors. There are some vendors with the privilege of Finalize-Early trade where they can receive the fund right after you place an order instead of being held in the World Market’s Escrow service. However, These F.E. vendors are likely the reputable ones and eligible for their privilege. The same vending system is also adopted in other new dark web markets.

Mnemonic Code

World Market indeed shows the mnemonic code after you’ve successfully registered an account. You should keep this mnemonic code because it has fundamental uses for your World Market.

The first and foremost use of this code is to recover your World Market account. It’s one and only mode that enables you to recover your account. If you lose this code, there’s no way you can recover your account in the World Market.

On the other hand, World Market would require your mnemonic code to reset withdrawal PIN/code. As previously mentioned, you can change your withdrawal code but you’d need this mnemonic code to authenticate the reset. There’s no way you can reset your withdrawal PIN without the mnemonic code. Ensure you keep this code securely with a password manager or private note.

Autotshop Feature

We’ve confirmed that autoshop is already available in the World Market even though it’s still limited. It means that there are currently limited autoshop’s products but they may develop into more robust options in the future. Currently, you can find some products like bank accounts or cards that are available for orders. However, World Market likely sees autoshop as part of their future because this section already has even more detailed search-filters even though the options are still limited.

Autoshop is basically a centralized section of the darknet market. As for World Market, the auto shop would be fully backed up with more features like built-in checkers and refunds. For example, if you’ve ordered accounts or cards but they’re dead as you’ve received them, you’d get a replacement or refund. We don’t know what World Market will sell in their autoshop but this policy is certainly a good start.


World Market provides a partial mixer if we may call it that way. To be clear, World Market doesn’t have a built-in mixer but they actually partner with a mixer provider, MiXo which is actually a mixer of BTC to XMR. At this point, you can withdraw your funds from the World Market wallet and send them to this mixer, for mixing. The mixer would then send you with clean XMR funds which were formerly BTC. At this point, you can withdraw your funds completely anonymously.


We’ve highlighted most things you should know about the World Market. You might already have a better overview about the darknet market, right?

Overall, World Market is a new legit marketplace as the listings, vendors, and systems are confirmed. They have okay security features and measures and you can browse products conveniently with categorization and built-in search engines with functional filters. The vending system is completely fair and reliable for buying reference while the auto shop would be the major attraction in the future. Well, it would be great if World Market becomes a walletless darknet market in the future.